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FITS: M4 Post Ban 16" - RFA2-M4PMC, .223 AR-15, Issue:06, Page:095 Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:605

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Product Description



Dpms Ar-15 Stock Assy Collapsible Commercial


Collapsible buttstock similar to the current USGI M4 carbine stock provides convenient six-position length-of-pull adjustment to fit different-size shooters, including those wearing body armor. Ready to install on any standard AR-15 rifle or carbine lower receiver; includes 1.17"" diameter commercial buffer tube, receiver lock plate, lock nut, toe-mounted steel sling loop, carbine recoil spring and buffer. Convert a fixed-stock, flattop rifle to M4 carbine configuration without permanent alterations to gun. Buttstock made from extremely tough, fiberglass-reinforced, injection-molded nylon that resists impact, heat, moisture, extreme cold, and most cleaning solvents. Stock interior diameter is Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Aluminum and fiberglass-reinforced, injection-molded nylon, matte black. 8 3/4"" (22.2cm) OAL collapsed; 11 3/4"" (29.9cm) OAL fully extended.

Brownells Ar-15 Stock Assy Collapsible Commercial



Colt Ar-15 Stock Assy Collapsible Oem Blk


Glass-filled nylon rifle stocks fit onto standard A1/A2 buffer tubes and add adjustments and extra features to AR-15 rifles, including most .308 models. Stocks feature textured rubber recoil pads and 2 QD sling sockets for fast sling mounting and dismounting. Modular Stock gives an adjustable cheek rest, and adjustable length of pull. Weighs less compared to other adjustable stocks. Skeleton Stock has futuristic appearance, and helps reduce weight. Will not fit on carbine buffer tubes. Includes Allen wrench for mounting. Uncle Mike's QD Sockets (593-000-038) can be epoxied into socket on the side of each stock. Mfg: Luth-Ar Llc SPECS: Glass-filled nylon, matte black. 10-1/2"" long. Modular - Cheek adjusts 1"". LOP adjusts 1 1/16"". 1 lb. 3 oz. (539g) wt. Skeleton - 11 oz. (314g) wt.

Luth-Ar Llc Ar-15 Modular Stock Assy Collapsible Rifle Length


Easy-to-install kit contains everything you need to convert a fixed-stock AR-15 rifle to a GI-style collapsible carbine stock system, or use to complete a custom-built carbine. Lets you easily adjust length of pull for different-stature shooters and different tactical situations and clothing/armor configurations. Kit includes 1.17"" O.D. commercial receiver extension tube with six, positive-locking notches for the T6 buttstock of tough, durable fiberglass-reinforced molded polymer. Also includes steel receiver lock plate, steel lock nut, polymer sling loop, carbine recoil spring, and carbine buffer. Requires no permanent alterations to rifle. Installation instructions included. Mfg: Tapco Weapons Accessories SPECS: Aluminum and reinforced injection-molded polymer, matte black. 8"" (20.3cm) OAL collapsed; 11 3/4"" (29.9cm) OAL fully extended.

Tapco Weapons Accessories Ar-15 T6 Stock Assy Collapsible Carbine Length


Replace your existing buttstock with this updated, collapsible, six-position design that includes secure storage for up to four, CR123, 3-volt batteries in the snap-latch side compartment. Plus, the storage lid is interchangeable for either right- or left-side carry with a convenient Picatinny rail unit that accepts the Command Arms Rail Mounted Magazine Pouch. Kit comes with all the hardware, including the receiver extension and recoil buffer/spring assembly, necessary to convert your AR-15/M16 rifle to accept this stock. Made from long lasting and durable fiber-filled plastic composite with rubber buttpad that features a negative angle for faster shouldering and increased comfort, especial Mfg: Command Arms Acc SPECS: Fiber-filled polymer composite, black. 7 1/2"" (19cm) long, 11 oz. (313g) weight. Fits AR-15/M16/M4 or equivalent buffer tube guns. Includes buttstock, receiver extension, recoil buffer/spring assembly, receiver extension nut, and receiver plate.

Command Arms Acc Ar-15 Modular Stock Collapsible Commercial


Six position, machined 6061-T6 heat treated aluminun tube and Nylon 66 buttstock with 33% more glass for strength provide a durable stock system built to meet the demands of the toughest tactical environments. Buttplate, adjustment latch, and latch nut are slightly radiused and contoured to reduce snagging on clothing or equipment. Extra material around the latch hole provides additional strength. Four flats on the buffer tube make it easier for sand and debris to fall out and not hinder stock adjustment. Furnished with buffer tube, recoil spring, receiver plate, rear sling swivel and lock-nut. Made in the USA. Mfg: Double Star SPECS: Aluminum tube, synthetic nylon stock, black. Length of pull: closed 10 1/4"" (26cm) , extended 13-5/8"" (34.6cm) .

Double Star Ar-15 Stock Collapsible Commercial


Adaptable Carbine/Storage (ACS) stock is a drop-in replacement for standard USGI M4 collapsible stock that gives the tactical operator extra storage options, a secure, comfortable cheekweld, and an advanced dual-locking lever. Smooth, streamlined exterior contours prevent snagging on clothing, sling, or vegetation, and help ensure fast exits from vehicles without snagging on gear. Removable battery storage compartments run the full length of the extra-wide comb and hold 2 AA or 3 CR-123 batteries, while providing a wide, contoured area for an exceptionally solid, comfortable cheekweld. Secure molded rubber caps keep water and dust out of compartments and face the rear of the stock for eas Mfg: Magpul SPECS: Reinforced molded polymer, Black, O.D. Green or Foliage Green. 77/8"" (20cm) OAL, 5 1/4"" (13.3cm) high. 13.6 oz. (385g) weight. Commercial fits commercial 1.17"" O.D. carbine buffer tubes.

Magpul Ar-15 Acs Stock Collapsible Commercial


Battlelink Stocks are the evolution of battlefield technology manufactured using a specially developed Military Grade reinforced, super tough polyamide. The Battlelink Minimalist has been designed to be one of the lightest on the market, coming in at right around 6oz. Holding true to the basics, while adding functionality with the minimal amount of material possible was our goal. This stock adapts and changes to your environment or operational needs by utilizing custom accessory mounts and is able to accept an optimized sling configuration. This ultimately makes our stock the lightest in today's AR accessories market. Mfg: Mission First Tactical, Llc SPECS: Fits commercial buffer tube.

Mission First Tactical, Llc Ar-15 Battlelink Min Stock Collapsible Commercial


Six position, extendable stock lets you select the length of pull best suited to your shooting needs. Converts your rifle to A-4-style with the added benefit of shorter overall length. Includes buffer tube, receiver lock plate, lock nut, rear sling swivel, recoil spring and buffer. Carbine spring and buffer also available separately. Mfg: Rock River Arms SPECS: Zytel nylon plastic stock and latch, matte black or matte green. Aluminium buffer tube. Length of pull: closed- 10 1/2"" (26.2cm) , extended-13"" (33cm) .

Rock River Arms Ar-15 A4 Stock Collapsible Commercial


Complete stock, hardware is included. Mfg: High Standard

High Standard Ar-15 Stock Collapsible Commercial Blk


Features a friction locking mechanism that eliminates movement between the buffer tube and buttstock for a solid ""feel"" when mounting rifle to shoulder. Heavy duty, spring-loaded hand lever allows fast length-of-pull adjustments. Nylon polymer body provides maximum impact and heat resistance, with molded-in reinforcements at stress points. Accepts a variety of ambidextrous sling attachment options, including web slings and single-point, push-button sling mounts. Comb contour is wider than standard issue M4 stock to help shooter maintain a solid cheekweld. Synthetic rubber buttpad increases comfort and helps prevent slippage. Fits buffer tubes that accept both four- and six-pos Mfg: Magpul SPECS: Impact-resistant nylon polymer, Black, O.D. Green or Gray. LOP adjustment range, 3 1/2"" (8.9cm) . Commercial - 71/8"" (21cm) OAL, 5 1/4"" high. Fits 1.17"" O.D. commercial carbine buffer tubes.

Magpul Ar-15 Ctr Stock Collapsible Commercial


Magpul Original Equipment (MOE) carbine buttstock provides the quality, durability, and ergonomic benefits of Magpul's CTR stock in a rugged, economical, drop-in package. Strong, A-frame design is lightweight and comfortable, yet provides operator with plenty of support. Comb contour is wider than standard issue M4 stock to help shooter maintain a solid, consistent cheekweld. Streamlined exterior and protected release lever won't snag on clothing, gear, vehicle interior, or vegetation. Heavy duty, spring-loaded release lever allows fast length-of-pull adjustments and won't dig into your hand. Impact- and heat-resistant, polymer construction includes molded-in reinforceme Mfg: Magpul SPECS: Reinforced molded polymer, Black, O.D. Green, Gray or Pink. 7 1/4"" (cm) OAL, 5 1/4"" (13.3cm) high. Commercial fits rifles with 1.17"" O.D. commercial AR-15 carbine buffer tubes.

Magpul Ar-15 Moe Stock Collapsible Commercial


An enhanced version of the Magpul CTR stock, the STR (""Storage/Type Restricted"") buttstock features two 4 1/4"" left- and right-side positioned battery storage tubes and a wider cheekweld for extra comfort. Rubber caps at the rear keep the storage compartments resistant to water incursion, yet pop off easily for access to two AA or two CR-123 batteries inside. Features two integral 1 1/4"" sling loops. Includes reversible QD swivel socket. Friction locking mechanism minimizes wobble between the buffer tube and the buttstock for a solid, secure ""feel"", which is enhanced by the detachable .30"" thick rubber rubber that adds plent Mfg: Magpul SPECS: Reinforced nylon polymer, Black, Gray, or Foliage Green. 7 1/4"" (18.4cm) OAL, 5 1/4"" (13.3cm) high. LOP adjustment range: 3 1/4"" (8.3cm) . 12.5 oz (354g) wt. Commercial Fits larger 1.17"" O.D. commercial carbine buffer tubes.

Magpul Ar-15 Str Stock Collapsible Commercial


The Adaptable Carbine Stock-Light (ACS-L) is a slimmed-down, lightweight, version of Magpul's popular ACS stock. The ACS-L provides extra maneuverability by eliminating the ACS's side storage compartments, while retaining the wide, sloping top for a secure, comfortable cheekweld. Also retained is the storage compartment in the tail of the stock, and the friction locking system that prevents unwanted wobble after extending the stock. Includes a reversible socket for QD pushbutton sling swivels and a 1"" sling loop molded in the toe of the stock. The .3"" thick rubber recoil pad can be replaced by Magpul Tactical Recoil Pads (sold separately) . Models available to fitMfg: Magpul SPECS: Reinforced molded polymer, Black, Dark Earth, O.D. Green, or Foliage Green. 8"" OAL, 2 1/4"" wide, 5 1/2"" high. 12.8 oz. wt. Length of pull adjustment range: 3 1/4""; 15"" LOP, extended; 11 3/4"" LOP, retracted. Commercial fits 1.17"" O.D. buffe

Magpul Ar-15 Acs-L Stock Collapsible Commercial


Direct replacement buttstock for AR-15/M16 carbines is designed to withstand the rigors of the modern battlefield. Slim stock features a sloping cheek weld for a firm fit and improved user comfort. The dual side latch release provides easy adjustments and is set up out of the way to remain snag free. Premium chrome-silicon locking spring ensures a positive long on the receiver extension tube and long service life for the stock. Internal anti-rattle feature provides a snug fit to minimize wobble on the receiver extension tube. Rolled toe and angular butt plate allows for easier shoulder transitions and better fit when using body armor. Non-slip rubber butt-pad helps keep the carbine on you Mfg: Magpul SPECS: Molded polymer, Black, Dark earth, OD Green, Gray. LOP adjustment range: 3.3"" (8.4cm) . 7.2"" OAL. 9.6 oz. (272.2g) wt. Commercial fits larger 1.17"" O.D. commercial carbine buffer tubes. * Specifications based on standard-length (flat-back) M4 Carbine receiver exten

Magpul Ar-15 Moe-Sl Stock Collapsible Commercial


Features: Slide-on replacement for original collapsible butt stock. Angled non-slip buttpad allows faster presentation, even with body armor. Pivoting rear accessed large and watertight storage compartment Customizable foam storage block with quick access tab diminishes rattle Quick Detach Sling mounting points (2) are positioned for optimum usage Upper section provides enhanced cheek weld Mfg: Mission First Tactical, Llc Weight 9.01oz. Width 1.752"". Height 5.224"". Length 7.345"".

Mission First Tactical, Llc Ar-15 Battlelink Utility Stock Collapsible Commercial


Upgrade your standard collapsible buttstock with Command Arms innovative feature packed, six-position collapsible stock. Increase your comfort, control, storage, and mounting options.Available for commercial of Mil-Spec buffer tubes. Ambidextrous side compartment with snap tight latch provides waterproof storage for 4 CR123 batteries Side Picatinny rail allows addition of Adjustable Cheekpiece (ACP) or Mag Holder (MPS) Non-slip rubber buttpad with tapered angle, allows faster shouldering and increased comfort with body armor & more secure positive shoulder purchase 2 ultrasonically welded metal quick release sling mounting points in addition to standard Mfg: Command Arms Acc

Command Arms Acc Ar-15 Stock Collapsible Commercial


Hogue's 2 Piece Kit contains a finger grooved beavertail rubber grip and a collapsible buttstock. The beavertail grip is specifically designed to retain the important lines and aesthetics of tactical rifles. It provides a comfortable grip with palm swells and and features Hogue's exclusive Cobblestone pattern. Hogue's OverMolded collapsible buttstock features reinforced polymer construction with a rubber cheek rest and a rubber/polymer hybrid butt pad that provides snag-free shouldering. This unique design creates a snug anti-rattle friction fit that prevents unwanted movement along the buffer tube. The buttstock provides multiple swivel sleeve and sling moun Mfg: Hogue

Hogue Ar-15 Finger Groove Grip W/Collapsible Commercial Buttstock


Everything you need to mount the Magpul CTR to your AR-15 lower receiver. Contains a #84 Magna-Tip Screwdriver Handle, 360-6 Magna-Tip Bit, Magpul CTR stock, Buffer Tube, M4 Buttstock Wrench, a Lower Receiver Vise Block, and the buttstock mounting kit. Mfg: Brownells

Brownells Ar-15 Shootingusa Ctr Stockassy Collapsible Commercial

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