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Upgrade Your Current 1911 Or Build A High-Quality Custom PistolHigh-quality, precision-machined parts from the name that means “custom quality” to serious pistol shooters. Build the ultimate custom 1911 Auto for target, action-pistol, or tactical applications. Repair or return an existing gun to factory specs or assemble a racegun that fits your exact needs. Choose from parts in blued carbon steel or natural-finish stainless.

1911, Issue:11, Page:034 Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:127 Sinclair, Issue:1A, Page:032

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Product Description


Drop-in replacement for factory magazine catch has a unique, convex button surface to ensure positive finger contact for fast magazine changes under pressure. Crisp, 30 lpi serrations further aid in fumble-free engagement; .045"" longer than factory part for extra leverage without creating an unwanted protrusion that snags on clothing, holster, or other gear. Tumbled and bead-blasted for a uniform, matte finish with rounded ""dehorned"" edges. Interior of the catch is relieved to enable instant magazine free-fall when you hit the button. Available in Carbon Steel with black manganese phosphate finish or natural finish Stainless Steel. Mfg: 10-8 Performance Llc SPECS: Carbon steel, black, or stainless steel, natural silver, both matte finish. Gunsmith fitting may be required.

10-8 Performance Llc 1911 Extended Magazine Release


High-quality, precision-machined parts from the name that means ""custom quality"" to serious pistol shooters. Build the ultimate custom 1911 Auto for target, action-pistol, or tactical applications. Repair or return an existing gun to factory specs or assemble a racegun that fits your exact needs. Choose from parts in blued carbon steel or natural-finish stainless. Mfg: Caspian SPECS: Fits 1911 Auto. Carbon steel, blue (B) or stainless steel (SS) natural-finish. Caliber-specific parts are .45 ACP unless otherwise noted.

Caspian 1911 Magazine Release


Magazine catch is CNC-machined from carbon steel castings. Mfg: Caspian SPECS: 4140 carbon steel, in-the-white. Gunsmith fitting required.

Caspian 1911 High Capacity Magazine Release


A small, but never overlooked part on any 1911 pistol. Restores the look and function of the magazine release after years of field stripping has caused unsightly damage to the screw slot. A must-have part whenever installing a new magazine catch that does not include this critical part. Machined from hardened steel, then polished for smooth function, and given a hot blue finish. Two per package. Mfg: Cylinder & Slide SPECS: Hardened steel, blue. .512"" (1.3 cm) long. Two per package.

Cylinder & Slide 1911 Magazine Release Lock


Hardened, long-wearing magazine release adds 1/16"" of length for increased leverage. Serrated face helps provide positive engagement. Comes complete with spring and lock. Mfg: Nowlin SPECS: Steel, blued or stainless steel, matte finish.

Nowlin 1911 Extended Magazine Release


Extended paddle lets your thumb hit the mag button without shifting your grip. Non-slip, grooved button permits faster mag changes. Low profile keeps button close to frame. No sharp edges to snag clothing or holster. Mfg: Sti

Sti 1911 Magazine Release Button


""Just like original"" parts for building a 1911 Auto or returning a gun to factory specifications. Mfg: Wilson Combat SPECS: Fits 1911 Auto. Stainless (S) and Carbon steel, blue, (B) matte finish.

Wilson Combat 1911 ""factory Plus"" Magazine Release


Extended magazine release button further advances the concept of Wilson's popular Tactical Magazine Release with fully machined construction from high-grade steel barstock for exceptionally smooth, consistent operation. Deeply checkered button gives you solid, no-slip thumb contact and is 1/16"" longer than standard, mil-spec button to give you extra leverage. Ensures you drop the magazine fast, on the first try, every time. Available in hardened carbon steel with a uniform, matte blued finish or natural-finish stainless steel. Mfg: Wilson Combat SPECS: Carbon steel, blued, matte finish, or stainless steel (SS) , satin finish. Mag catch only, no lock or spring. Gunsmith fitting recommended.

Wilson Combat 1911 Bullet Proof Magazine Release


CNC machined from hardened, billet stainless steel, the radiused button of the Bullet Proof Concealment Magazine Release is slightly extended 1/16"" over a stock part for fast, smooth operation and is equally suited for competition or carry. Perfectly checkered at 40 LPI for non-slip activation and engineered to maximum drop-in tolerances, this easy upgrade will improve the feel and performance of any 1911 pattern pistol. Minor fitting may be required. Magazine catch lock and spring not included. Mfg: Wilson Combat SPECS: CNC Machined from Hardened Billet Stainless Steel.

Wilson Combat 1911 Bullet Proof Concealment Magazine Release


Cuts down on the hand movement required to depress the mag release so it cuts down on time too. Gives shooters with smaller hands the ability to make faster mag changes. 30 LPI checkering and rectangular shape assures a solid hit. Mfg: Wilson Combat SPECS: Release - steel, blue or stainless steel (SS) . Both include oversize, stainless steel rectangular button, 3/8"" (9.2mm) x 3/4"" (19mm) . Mag catch only, no lock or spring.

Wilson Combat 1911 Oversized Magazine Release


Just slightly longer that the standard mag release, but much easier and faster to reach when every second counts. Serrated face enhances touch but won't catch on holsters or clothing. Mfg: Wilson Combat SPECS: Steel, blue matte finish. Mag catch only, no lock or spring.

Wilson Combat 1911 Tactical Magazine Release


Permits quicker and easier magazine changes. Compact enough to fit carry holsters and not snag on clothing. Standard diameter button with crisp, machine cut checkering is .060"" longer than stock for easier thumb purchase. Positive internal stop prevents over-pushing and jamming magazine in place. Machined from bar stock and heat treated for durability. Does not include catch lock and spring. Mfg: Ed Brown SPECS: Steel, blue finish or stainless steel (SS) . Fits 1911 Autos. Button: .25"" (6.3mm) O.D., .25"" (6.3mm) thick.

Ed Brown 1911 Extended Tactical Magazine Release


Extra-long, oversize release button features 40 lpi checkering for positive grip and increased length for faster, easier mag changes with little or no change in grip. Long wearing, heat-treated, pre-drilled, hardened magazine catch comes already tapped and ready-to-install. Does not include catch lock and spring. Mfg: Ed Brown SPECS: Available in Blue catch and button or Stainless Steel (SS) . Button: 3/8"" (9.5mm) O.D., 3/16"" (4.7mm) thick, 4-40 thread.

Ed Brown 1911 Oversized Magazine Release


KJW 1911 Tactical gas release valve/button Part #80

KJ Works 1911 Tactical Gas Release Valve/Button, Part #80


Each and every part is U.S.-made, high-quality and guaranteed to fit and function just like the factory part. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Fits 1911 Auto. All parts carbon steel. (B) indicates blued finish, (S) indicates stainless steel.Mag. Catch Assemblies include Mag Catch, Mag Catch Lock and Mag Catch Lock Spring.

Brownells 1911 Magazine Releases


Features:1. Flexible thigh platform conforms to leg size2. Quick-disconnect swivel buckles allow superior flexibility, quick holster mounting and dismounting3. Accessory mounting locations for magazine and flashlight4. No thumb break or awkward middle finger release to slow down your draw 5. Speed cut allows faster draw and easy re-holstering6. Immediate retention and audible click upon re-holster for security7. Speed-cut design allows rapid draw, target acquisition, and re-holster while keeping eyes on target8. This Holster fits Colt 1911Notice: Any modification of your handgun from factory standard, such as large aftermarket iron sights, lights, lasers, control levers, etc, are not recommended to be used with this holster. Package Include: 1 x Paddle & Hard Leg Holster (with magazine and flashlight pouch)

AGPtek Quick Release Tactical Right Leg Belt Holster & Hand Paddle with Magazine and Flashlight Pouch for Colt 1911


Hex head accepts a 1/16"" Allen wrench for better control during installation and to help eliminate damage caused by screwdriver slippage. Ideal for use with EGW Heavy Duty Magazine Catch. Choose Blued carbon steel or natural-finish Stainless steel. Both are heat treated for extra strength, smooth performance, and durability. Mfg: Egw SPECS: 4140 carbon steel, blued, or 17-4 stainless steel, natural silver finish. .503"" (12.7 cm) long. Installs with 1/16"" Allen wrench.

Egw 1911 Hex-Head Magazine Release Lock


Tactical magazine catch aids in fast mag changes and secure retention to help reduce feed-related failures. Redesigned geometry ensures this catch will fit standard frame holes, while it retains a loose-fitting magazine higher in the magwell than the original catch for more reliable feeding, especially with hollow point ammo. The finely checkered, extended button is .040"" higher than the original 1911A1 factory button to ensure fast positive magazine release on the first try. Precision machined on a state-of-the-art, four-axis CNC cutting station from high-grade steel barstock to ensure exact dimensions and superb strength. Available with a satin blued finish or hard-chromed for extra c Mfg: Egw SPECS: Carbon steel, blued or hard-chromed finish. Includes Magazine catch only, no lock or spring.

Egw 1911 Heavy Duty Magazine Release

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